Clay Camp 2015 will be here in less than one week and all my clay friends are excited! For five days, we eat, breathe, and dream about the clay projects we are working on in a beautiful mountain setting near Wallace Falls State Park in Washington State. This year’s swap theme is ‘Charms’ and I decided to make tiny, tiny Matryoshka dolls (less than one inch tall) for my charms. I hope all of the ‘campers’ like them.

If you’re interested in the process, I created a free tutorial to download.

(Special thanks to my daughter Lydia for taking all of the photographs for the tutorial we made.)

BCS- Matryoshka Doll Charms 01
The Matryoshka’s colorful clothing is decorated with simple cane slices.
BCS- Matryoshka Doll Charms 03
A clay disc ‘scarf’ being fitted before decorating
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